Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Death Is Over

I posted the final entry on my serialized blog-form story "I, Death" this morning. It was fun to take an old story I'd written 20 years ago and update it into this format -- got some good feedback on it and it was fun.

I imagine I might try that again in the future -- not immediately, though. Too many other writing projects on the go.

My werewolf novel is slowly putting along - I had some time last week and again this morning to write and re-write a few thousand words. I finally stumbled upon what will be a good subplot for the novel -- gotta love how things just unfold as you watch the characters interact with one another. I received some great encouragement on the project from my buddy Sean Costello, who is also hard at work on a new supernatural thriller (which, like his previous novels, is awesome, nail-biting and brilliantly written)

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