Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Dogs Christ Loves To Eat

For the past few months I've noticed something a little peculiar in a mural that's on the side of the building for CHAMPS FOOD SUPPLY. This is a wholesaler/retailer on Widmer Street (near King) who specializes in supplying hot dogs and sausages, etc to street vendors.

On the side of the building facing King Street (and the parking lot I cut across on my walk in to work on the morning) is this giant mural of people standing in line to buy a hot dog from a street vendor, the glorious SkyDome in the background (the mural was painted before the SkyDome name was changed to Rogers Centre)

The third guy standing in line, with a delighted smile on his face, looks, to me, like Jesus from the drawings I used to see all the time in religion class. Okay sure, he's wearing modern clothing and his hair has been cut back to mullet length, but the smile on his face, the beard and just the style of the artwork for the mural are the picture-perfect image of our saviour. And he's standing in line to buy a Champs hot dog.

I'm wondering if they did it on purpose -- you know, subliminal advertising suggesting that their hot dogs are so good that even Jesus eats them (despite the fact that he likely didn't consume any pork by-products). Is this evidence of smart subliminal sacrilegious advertising? Or just evidence that I'm now finding miraculous images in a bagel, pretzel or hot dog bun?


Dawn-Marie said...

Nope I just think it means you're demented.

Anonymous said...

I agree.

Completely loopy.


Anonymous said...

But that's why we love you.


snoproblem said...

Maybe the Saviour will order a kosher frank? Healing the lame and sick burns a lot of calories, you know.