Thursday, July 05, 2007

HNT - Stars & Leafs Forever

This week I'm following orders from the HNTer-in-Chief, himself, Osbasso. He suggested a theme this week for our HNT pics to be patriotic, fireworks, picnics, brass bands, Mom & apple pie celebrations. He asked us to take our cameras out us this weekend and be proud we're North Americans!

Well, I'm proud to be a Canadian and proud to have such wonderful American neighbours (and proud of the fact that I can throw u's into words like neighbours and my buddies south of the 49th parallel don't make fun of me.

I took a few shots of some of the fun we have over the past weekend.

Here they are, left to right:
(You can click on them to see the larger image)

1) Alexander wearing his Canada t-shirt and doing his best "Sears" pose.
2) Me, Alexander and friends John, Renata & Emma enjoying a backyard swim (you might remember John from an HNT post from a few weeks ago - Trained Professionals)
3) My token "half nekkid" shot of my Canada Day underwear (has phrases like: "Hockey Night in Canada" "Montreal smoked meat" "Back bacon" "Poutine" "Strong beer" "Toonies and loonies" and other fun Canadianisms)
4) My Canada Day "Product of Canada" shirt
5) Francine and Alexander enjoying a backyard swim
6) Alexander running through the sprinkler while sporting his 100% Canadian t-shirt.

Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canucks! Happy Independence Day to my buddies in the US!
Happy HNT to all of us! And God bless us, everyone!

Go visit the original Patriot, Osbasso by clicking the link below


S said...

Ah yes, well, I posted myself, I am half Canadian, and half American, afterall!

HHNT Mark and Happy Canada Day to you!

I want your pool.

Lapis Ruber said...

That looks to have been a great day all round. Happy Canada Day from one in the UK. HHNT

Anonymous said...

Happy Canada Day!
Happy HNT!

Bunny said...

Looks like fun! Happy Holiday HNT!

Jessica said...

giggle.... you said smoked meat.... and back bacon... giggle... you smuggling that in your undies?? Happy HNT!!

Snow White said...

giggling at jessica...
Looks like y'all had a great weekend! Nice pics. Happy HNT!

tkkerouac said...

Would you like to share the canadian shirt in favourites, Happy Canada Day and happy HNT!

tkkerouac said...

The boxers are sexy!

lime said...

a belated happy canada day! i'm glad we're neighbours (notice the extra 'u' just cuz i like ya so darn much)

what fun shots, i can tell you've all been having a blast. carry on ;)


Anonymous said...

Happy HNT, and belated Canada to you!

lecram sinun said...

They are certainly happy pics. Hoping you had a great one, Mark! Cheers. Happy HNT!

Charlie said...

Great family snaps - love them. Looks like youve been having a great time but could you possibly send some sunshine to Blighty. Just a little..

HHNT and happy holidays too!

Lil Bit said...

Great pix - looks like a fun time was had by all!

HHNT & belated Canada Day! =)

BTExpress said...

Great pictures. Looking at the cropping job, my guess is that the bruising has appeared. Lori's son had the same thing and his face was swollen and bruised for months!

SIMPLY ME said...

You had a great day with your family, love looking at that. HHNT to you !