Friday, October 27, 2006

The Big Picture

It's happening this Sunday, and with everything going on family wise, I sincerely doubt that Francine, Alexander and I will be able to take part in the event this time, but just in case people from the Hamilton area are blog browsing and read this and might be interested in attending a worthwhile event, I'm putting the information up.

This will be the third time that The Big Picture (which is basically an awareness of the size and importance of the local art community) has been done.


celebration historical record show of strength!

A giant photo shoot / rally of the VISUAL ARTISTS, CRAFTSPERSONS, WRITERS, MUSICIANS, DANCERS, ACTORS, CULTURAL WORKERS and ARTS SUPPORTERS of our time. Smile and be counted!

WHERE: Hamilton City Hall Parking Lot Rain or shine!

WHEN: Sunday October 29 @ 11 am followed by the BIG ART TAIL-GATE PARTY @ noon Free hot dogs, drinks, entertainment. Bring the kids!

Information? Volunteer? Jessica Vellenga 905 527 6481 Bryce Kanbara 905 523 7754 Brian Kelly 627 9692 Ian Jarvis 905 529 3355 Frances Ward, Patti Beckett, Klyde Broox, Jeremy Freiburger, Chris Pannell, Ingrid Mayrhofer, Paul de Courcy, Barb Patterson, Jim Chambers. Thanks: Hamilton Community Foundation

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