Monday, October 02, 2006

Groovin On A Sunday Afternoon

This past weekend we bought Alexander a new CD/AM/FM Player -- this one an RCA model I'd spotted a little while ago that included an MP3 player line-in and dock. Wal-Mart was celebrating its anniversary sale, and they had MP3 players on sale -- the Creative Zen Nano 512 MG. So we got him one of those, too.

Alexander, of course, loves his music. Sure, he loves jiving and grooving to whatever happens to be on the radio. (For some reason though French country music gets his juices going the best - don't ask me how he happens to always land on that station). He enjoys listening to Baby Einstein CD's when he falls asleep. Enjoys? No, demands.

But because he likes to handle his CD's they get a bit scratched, and the existing CD player/radio that we had in his room was too sensitive. (His CD's would play perfectly fine in every single CD player in the house except for the one in his room) So we got a new one. And the MP3 player option is, I think wonderful, because yesterday I burned 3 of his CD's onto the MP3 player for a wonderful stream of more than 2 hours of bedtime listening pleasure. (For those nights when it takes him a little longer to fall asleep -- usually days that end in "y")

Funny. He's two years old and already has way cooler tecnological stuff than I did at ten times his age. (Not hard for Alexander to out-cool me, since I didn't even own an 8-Track player until I was ten years old)


lime said...

lol, i getcha. i never had a walkman until i was in college and my two girls already have their own ipods. and they let me know how terribly unfair it is that they don't have cell phones. hahaha.

Rainypete said...

I make sure that I copy any cd that my kids get and let them handle the copy instead of the original. This way they destroy 10 cent discs instead of 15 dollar ones.

Music is one of my favourite things on the planet, and I'm happy to report the infection seems to have spread into the minds of my kids.

Kimberly said...

he's got cooler stuff than I do now!!!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

"usually days that end in y." How clever of you.

Alexander has stuff that's way cooler than what I have now. Way to go Alexander! By the time he's 3 he'll need his own laptop. Oh, don't tell me he already has one.