Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tech Teddy Terrifies Toddlers

I had to laugh when my buddy Samson forwarded me the following picture of a teddy bear/USB jump drive. Not sure if it's an actual product that is available or someone just customized their own miniature teddy bear.

I can just imagine Alexander screaming madly when I ripped the teddy's head off and slammed his neck into the front of my computer . . . but the picture on the bottom is reminiscent of a "head stuck in the honey pot" scene from Winnie The Pooh, so maybe it wouldn't freak him out at all. Maybe he'd just think he was watching another Disney cartoon.

But then again, I have a pretty sick sense of humour. Speaking of which, I rather enjoyed the "distractions" subject of The Survival Guide To Writing Fantasy podcast that Tee Morris recently produced.

And all through it I couldn't help but think about the very therapeutic writing of the dark humour story "Distractions" that came out one day while I was pondering similar things. (More evidence, I suppose, of my sick sense of humour)


lime said...

that's hilarious!

Rainypete said...

You mean I'd get to backup my data AND decapitate a teddy bear!? Where do I get one of these brilliant creations?!

Ameratis said...

That is awesome! I want one! Whenever you are in a bad mood jump rip Teddy's head off and shove him into the computer LOL!

Anonymous said...

well the teddy bear caught my attention, but then I got "distracted" by the story you wrote.

Excellent and creepy!