Friday, October 20, 2006


For the last couple of months, every time we've gone into Costco (one of those wholesaler warehouse jobbies), Alexander has rushed to the back of the store where the Halloween display and the six foot inflatable globe with a friendly waving ghost on top and inside are a black cat and pumpkin surrounded by a tornado-like flurry of flying bats.

Last night, however, when we got there, the Christmas merchandise had replaced the Halloween stuff. (I mean, Halloween is still a week and a half away, we might as well put out the Christmas stuff. Hell, why not get the freakin' Valentine's Day stuff out now, and, oh, while we're at it, Easter isn't all that far away at that point...)

Alexander was extremely anxious and worried as he ran back and forth down the "seasonal" aisles, concerned that the ghost was gone; and all the while yelling out "Ghost!" repeatedly. After several minutes of panic, he finally found the ghost near the produce section, and delightedly wouldn't leave his friend.

Despite the fact that I'm not a fan of giant inflatable yard ornaments, we just couldn't resist the acknowledgement of the joy that finding this giant ghost gave to Alexander. He kept yelling out "Ghost!" and then, as he noticed we were discussing potentially actually caving in and buying it, he sat down on the skid beside the ghost, kept looking at it and at us . . .

As of this morning, the ghost is sitting in our living room -- he spent a very exciting evening last night running back and forth between the kitchen and living room, laughing and yelling out "Ghost!" and then playing a game of saying goodnight to the ghost (and turning him off, he deflated and settled onto the floor) and then tapping him on a deflated shoulder saying "Wake up!" (and turning him on and watching him fill with air)

Mr. Ghost will make it out into the front garden within the next few days -- but for now, it's a delight to have him occupy the living room and watching Alexander take such delight in his new friend.


Franny said...

That is SO cute. Sounds like you have a new member of the family. We have Scary, the scarecrow, whose shadow I see on the lawn in the middle of the night and it scares the bejesus out of me. Every year.
Anyhow, I am gonna do a driveby to meet 'GHOST!'

Rainypete said...

Wake up Mr Ghost!

I love it. That's why we should all try to have fun like kids. So much joy for so few dollars. Try that when you're 40 I dare you! I'm definitely making sure I drive past to see the Ghost as well.

As for Franny and her wife stuck one in the front garden and now when I peer out the front door as I lock up for the night I alway sjump for a second because there's someone on the porch!

Anonymous said...

You gotta post a picture of this thing. And make sure you chain it down somehow when you put it outside.

lime said...

just too cute. sleepytime and wake-up ghost is just too friggin cute.