Monday, October 23, 2006

But What About Spidey?

I was reading an article in the newspaper this morning which covered this fun new book called 101 Most Influential People Who Never Lived: How Characters of Fiction, Myth, Legends , Television and Movies Have Shaped Our Society, Changed Our Behaviour and Set the Course of History.

And was terribly disappointed to see that Spider-Man didn't make the list?

What the heck is that about? I mean, a "Johnny-Come-Lately" character like Buffy the Vampire Slayer made the list, but Spidey didn't? And after he changed the fact of comic book history? (Before Peter Parker came along, super-heroes didn't have complex or in-depth alter egos in their civilian life. Parker was a shy nerd loser teenager who struggled with typical teenage angst during the day and by night fought crime and super-villains. Later in his career, he succumbed to the flu, colds and ulcers. Peter Parker added a unique element of realism to the world of comic book characters and, in my mind, changed the face of comics forever)

Now I know that Buffy has had a huge influence on popular culture, and of course, her being a television character (yes, I know, first a movie character, then, more popularly a television character) ultimate makes her more accessible to people -- but I'd argue that more people who never read comic books know who Spider-Man is at first glance rather than Buffy. But I am definitely curious to check this book out and see how Buffy ranks in there and Spidey doesn't.


Taki said...

Hey you forgot that the Spidey comics were the very first to have a main character that died.

Franny said...

Spidey didn't make the list? Wow. That just aint right.
I wonder how many Shakespeare characters made the list? Now I have to get that book.

Kimberly said...

well I think we should start a petition. I mean even if not a lot of people read comics...lots of people have seen the last two movies...both of which depict a very human Spidey struggling not only with being a super hero but with being a human as well.

I remember watching the cheesy cartoons back when I was kid (and if that's not dating myself, I don't know what is!). They were badly animated, but I loved them. I must say that I've never seen the Buffy movie and I don't think I've sat through an entire episode of the tv series.

All those in favour of Spidey, say aye!


steve said...

The secret to his power lies in his. . .

Damn write Spidey was on TV! Every day at noon. And he had groovie Pajamas too.

AYE! Where do I sign?

lime said...

well, one more thing about spidey vs buffy. i've never seen a bunch of little kids running around acting like buffy but they ALWAYs love spidey. my friend's little girl who is 4 has had a spidey fixation since she was 2 and a half!