Tuesday, October 03, 2006

RETMO: I Smell Pretty Again

Pardon me, I'm having a retro moment. Allow me to refer back to this post when I say that I smell pretty today. Well, half of me smells pretty at least.

As I was putting on my deodorant this morning, I ran out after finishing my left armpit. So, knowing how perfectly well Fran's works on me (I ended up switching over to Mitchum after an experiment where I wore Fran's Lady Mitchum when I ran out of my own brand about a year ago), I applied her Lady Mitchum to my right. Now, every once in a while I catch a very pretty scent.

Of course, I'm inadvertently running an experiment here -- which will start to break down and fail first: My left or right armpit? And if Lady Mitchum wins over Mitchum, then darn it all, I'll go for smelling "powder fresh" pretty every day. I'd much rather smell like a lady than a sweaty warthog.


lime said...

LMAO mark! why am i humming ' i feel pretty, oh so pretty. i feel pretty and witty and gay.....'you must let us know what the test reveals.

Rainypete said...

Does that mean one of your armpits is a trans-sexual now?