Monday, October 16, 2006

It's Not Because I'm A Horror Writer

Alexander is starting to speak more and more, and even put a few words together (most often stated phrases right now are "Daddy Stinky" and "Where did it go?") -- while he can understand a huge whack of words, there are maybe about 30 or so words in his regular repertoire.

Among those words: "Ghost" and "Pumpkin" -- it seems as if he has caught his parents' fascination with Halloween. In our travels, he is quick to point out these two items in Halloween decorations. And, since that is what parents nauseatingly do with their kids whenever they start doing something cute, we prompt him along.

Daddy: Alexander, what's that?


What does a ghost say?


But it's not because I'm a writer who often delves in dark fiction that he says these things. If he picked up on my writing lifestyle, the conversation would more likely go like this:

Daddy: Alexander, who decides if Daddy's stories get published?


What does an editor say?

"Not right for us at this time."


Franny said...

Lol, though you could also teach him "What does an editor say...?" "BOO!"

Mwa ha ha!

We like to teach our kids tricks too. We taught Nicky to say "MEEP MEEP" when he runs away. I figure why get a dog when you can train your kids to entertain your friends?

barefoot_mistress said...

LOL Maybe ALexander needs to have a chat with the editor!

Kimberly said...

kida can be so cute. course there will come a time when you won't be able to keep him quiet. Then you might wish for the "ghost-boo" conversations!

Rainypete said...

Save this up. You'll need it when he's older and talkign about stuff that makes the remining hair on your head turn snow white!!!