Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Boo Hoo Bird

I recently bought a copy of Jeremy Tankard's new book Boo Hoo Bird for my son Alexander.

With our entire family being huge fans of Jeremy's first book (Grumpy Bird), we were delighted to see this character and his friends return for another adventure.

I had the chance to meet Jeremy a couple of years ago at Book Expo Canada and was able to get a signed copy of Grumpy Bird for Alexander, which we have read repeatedly over the years.

Grumpy Bird tells the story of one day when Bird wakes up too grumpy to eat, play or even fly. "Looks like I'm walking today," he says, and stomps off. As his friends join him on his walk, a bit of silliness ensues and Bird finds it's difficult to stay grumpy with so many friends hanging out and having fun.

It's an incredibly cute story, wonderfully illustrated, and one we've read time and again.

Jeremy's second book, Me Hungry is another cute story -- this time about a caveboy eagerly seeking out a snack. Alexander has also enjoyed that one, but not nearly as much as he likes Grumpy Bird (which we also have a nice signed poster of on his wall)

That's why I was delighted to read Jeremy's latest book, bringing back Bird and his friends, with a cute story about what happens when Bird and Raccoon are playing catch and Bird gets bonked on the head.

In the classic style of Grumpy Bird, it takes a common situation and turns it into something everyone can smile about.

I strongly recommend Jeremy's books for kids and adults alike. Particularly if you're a grumpy bird. After reading them, you'll have one less reason to be grumpy.

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lime said...

ya just gotta love a great children's book that keeps em coming back.