Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Bookstore Accidents

Here is Michael Tamblyn's presentation of 6 Things That Could Change Publishing for the Better, which was presented at the BookNet Canada Tech Forum 2009 in Toronto on March 12, 2009. Michael is the CEO of BookNet Canada.

The forum was a great day and this was a phenomenal presentation to sit through last week. It's even better to be able to see it the second time around.

I love Michael's presentation style -- entertaining, lively, engaging, filled with the perfect mix of insightful and intelligent information delivered with Michael's sense of quirky humour. There's always a nice combination of slide and presenter when he "performs." (I'd say that he presents, but he's not just presenting, he truly is performing) The editing of the video of the presentation (or the performance) was also quite skillfully done which makes it almost like being there.

Something I made a note of during the presentation was when Michael talks about the "Happy Accidents" that happen when you're browsing in a bookstore. Such a perfect term to describe the experience.

But the 6 Things mentioned are interesting and definitely worth taking a serious look at.

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