Sunday, March 29, 2009

Halfway Around The Bay

Francine just left to run in Around The Bay -- North America's oldest road race.

She'll be doing a 15K relay with one of the friends she runs with regularly on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

The first half of the race is what Fran will be running. The race begins on York Blvd., 1 block west of Copps Coliseum and proceeds east on York which turns into Wilson Street to Sherman Avenue. At Sherman Ave runners turn north and then east at Cannon Street. Runners stay on Cannon Street which turns into Britannia Ave to Parkdale Ave. Runners then turn north at Parkdale Ave and east bound at Melvin Ave to Woodward Ave, and then north on Woodward Ave to the Beach Strip. That's where her partner Muriel, will take her running chip and do the second half of the race, completing the circuit around the other half of the bay of Hamilton Harbour. After crossing the Canal lift bridge the race turns onto Eastport Drive to Northshore Blvd. The race will turn west bound onto the rolling hills of Northshore Blvd., and then west onto Plains Rd. to Spring Garden Rd. Just past Woodland Cemetery awaits the Valley Inn Hill leading up to York Blvd. and the finish into Copps Coliseum at York Blvd. and Bay Sts. Here's a Google Map of the race.

I'm continually amazed at how far she has come since she first started running a few years ago. We used to run together, and made it up to the 5 K mark. But at about the time Alexander was born, I fell behind, haven't run anywhere near as often as Francine, and never made it past 5 K. When I run now, I usually only do about 2.5 or 3 K and at that, it's usually on the treadmill downstairs rather than outside enjoying the scenery.

But she's off -- she'll be doing the first 15 K of the stretch and starting at 9:30. It's a rainy morning, and I'm hoping the rain slows down so she can run with less hassle.

Alexander is still sleeping and I'm about to go back to doing some writing/editing work. Here in my clean, warm, dry basement, while she slogs through downtown city streets on a cold, wet March morning.

I love her conviction. She continues to inspire me.

Go Fran!

Fran running Around The Bay in 2008

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lime said...

way to go, francine! that's great.