Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Do Do Do Lookin' Out My Back Door

. . . okay, I was looking out my back window, actually.

This morning I got up early to do some writing. I've been working at another draft of my novel MORNING SON -- going through it with a red pen and a wicked spirit, tolerant of no word or "phrase" that derails the story in any way, boldly striking out the offending ones and hopefully feeding new life into the ones that remain and partnering them with newer, better word choices. (Okay, I know, it's a fanciful way of saying I'm editing and making revision notes)

When I went upstairs at about 7 AM to get a refill of my coffee, I was struck with how powerful and beautiful the morning sky was. Since my novel MORNING SON is a play on words with MORNING/MOURNING and SON/SUN, and does include a key scene that takes place during a spectacular sunrise, I thought I would try to take a quick picture of what I was seeing.

No, I'm not a photographer, but I did my best to capture the beauty of the colours in the pink and purple "cotton candy" clouds.

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lime said...

those are some gorgeous colors. a bit of cover art perhaps?