Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Something Eerie Coming Up

I was going through my calendar recently and remembered that I'm going to be one of the author guests at EerieCon 11. (April 17-19, 2009)

I attended my first EerieCon (a celebration of Fantasy, Horror & Science Fiction) last year and quite enjoyed it. A smaller convention, held in Niagara Falls, NY (just across the boarder at a hotel that is practically a stone's throw away from the spot where you wait patiently for the border guard to ask to for your passport, to declare your citizenship and ask if you're bringing any fruits or vegetables across) this is a fun and intimate con attended by a wonderful mix of folks from the U.S. and Canada.

Last year at EerieCon, I had the pleasure of meeting Joe Haldeman, one of the very first sci-fi authors that I ever read and getting him to sign my well-worn mass market copy of The Forever War which I'd read multiple times since first getting it in the mid 70's.

Francine likes EerieCon because while I'm doing the writer/nerd thing and cavorting with my genre buddies, she's out at the outlet malls in Niagara Falls, enjoying the shopping experience. Alexander is just delighted with the hotel room pizza parties that we have when we travel. In all, last year it was a wonderful mixture of family "vacation" time combined with some fun writing work time. (Yes, though it's fun, I consider attending a convention work since it's about networking and when you sit on panels, you do need to do your homework to prepare for it -- and when you are attending a convention you're "on" as an author, hoping to meet and chat with fans)

I'm doing a reading at 12:30 on Saturday April 18th, and am also sitting on the following panels:

- Music To Read By
- Does Anyone Make A Real Horror Movie Anymore?
- Genre Crossing
- What's Your Object When On A Panel?
- I Want You, Beloved

Last year, one of the most fun panels I sat on was one with Sephera Giron, Nancy Kress and Caro Soles and where we discussed "Getting Away With Murder" (The discussion was regarding how and why you would kill off a major character in a story or novel? Is it a good idea? What was your readers' reaction?) You can read more about EerieCon 10 and that panel here.

EerieCon 10 - Nancy Kress, Mark Leslie, Sephera Giron, Caro Soles

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