Thursday, March 12, 2009

HNT - Contemporary Hamilton Author

Quick HNT post this week, and it's all about the self-promotion. (Okay, who am I kidding, when is it NOT about self-promotion?)

This week I was added to the rosters of the Hamilton Public Library's list of Contemporary Hamilton Authors, complete with an author photo that my good buddy Greg Roberts took a few years back.

Since this photo was taken in what used to be my upstairs writing den (what is now Alexander's room), I know it's more than 4 years since the photo was taken. I'll need to have Greg back to take some author photos in my new dark, shadowy basement den. Oooh, creepy. And yes, that file folder being held together with black electrical tape behind me is STILL being used. That is where I track my writing submissions, rejection letters, etc. And THAT is the real "nekkid" part of this HNT post.

I found it interesting that I was listed in the Hamilton Library database twice. Separate entries for ONE HAND SCREAMING and NORTH OF INFINITY II. I was listed once as Leslie, Mark and then another time as Leslie, Mark 1969-

The good folks at the Hamilton library are going to merge both of those listings into a single, self-promoting, Leslie, Mark.

Check out my profile here -- and then go to the library and check out one of my books. Of course, if you don't live in the Hamilton area, then you really should ask your local library to get ahold of my books, which are both easily available from major book wholesalers in Canada and the U.S.

Photo by Greg Roberts


BTExpress said...

Whole crap, I was in the army in 1969. I don't feel that old. Maybe you can tell by looking ours posts this week. We were so bad. ;-)

lime said...

congratulations, mark!