Monday, January 15, 2007

Big Boy Bed

Yesterday we converted Alexander's crib into a youth bed. What this means is you basically take off the front section and sliding gate hardware, readjust the crossbar at the bottom front, and it becomes very much like a day bed. (And what the heck IS a day bed anyways? And why don't we call regular beds night beds? I've slept in a day bed at night. Does that mean I'm going to get arrested or in trouble with Miss Manners for not following proper etiquette? But who sleeps in a day bed besides night shift workers and hung over students? For everyone else, don't we now call that a work cubicle?)

The crib we bought was convertible into this youth bed, and then, with the purchase of a couple of side rails, it will convert into a full bed. Pretty exciting.

Alexander was excited and started trying to pry the front rail off the crib on Wednesday when we told him that on the coming weekend we would convert his crib into a "big boy bed" for him. He pried at those rails every night, obviously delighted at the idea.

Yesterday was the big day. We set off, me with my tool box, Alexander with his own, to convert the crib. (Of course, during the project, he got a little side-tracked and decided it was time to completely remove every single book from his bookshelf -- I mean, since I was taking the crib apart, he might as well take apart the book case)

He was delighted at the crib conversion, and then, at bed-time he amazed me. (Fran and I still weren't 100% sure how he'd actually be at bedtime, worried that he might want the front rail back on) After a couple of bedtime stories (still done sitting in the rocking chair in his room -- he hasn't yet learned the thrill of bedtime stories in bed), he walked over to start play on his CD player (Baby Einstein Lullaby CD) then crawled into his bed. He was asleep and snoring quite loudly within minutes.


Kimberly said...

Yah for Alex! That's so small step for Alex, one giant leap for bedtime!!!

Enjoy your extra day off!

lime said...

too cute! oh i remember the days!

Ameratis said...

Awesome! That is great that he has seemed to transition nicely. My oldest nephew did as well....we will see with the little one lol.

Anonymous said...

Have I told you how much I enjoy these Alexander cronicles? You should seriously think about compiling these... if for nothing else... for him to enjoy in his later years.


BTExpress said...

I remember when we got the big boy bed for my son. We replaced the crib with a loft bed. Just a few weeks ago and about 20 something years later, I replaced the loft bed with a bigger boy bed; a mattress and box spring set.

I think pretty soon Alexander will discover he can get up a wander around the house during the night, so be ready for that.

DaMasta said...

AWww how cute! You have successfully conquered bedtime! :D yay!