Friday, January 12, 2007

Indigo Master Data Team

Da Count

I was looking through some photos on my hard-drive the other day and came across this one. It was taking during a Master Data team meeting during on of my last days at Indigo this past summer. The team had just presented me with two beautiful gifts, and we were gathering to take a picture using the timer on Samson's camera.

During the taking of the picture something happened or somebody said something that caused us all to crack up. I can't remember what it was, but it might have had something to do with Jovani who was working from home that day and on the speaker phone in the middle of the desk.

It's one of the reasons why I love this picture so much. There's just something magical about the smiles and laughter caught in this picture. It properly captures the good times and good people that I worked with (including those who weren't even in the picture that day)

I love my new job, love where I work, and I work with a phenomenal group of people at McMaster. But I still really miss my old colleagues and the good times we had. They're still like family to me.



lime said...

the cnadid shots are ususally the most precious. thanks for sharing. it looks like a fun bunch.:)

Anonymous said...

A delightful count, Mark. Thanks for counting... great to have you onboard. Cheers!

Franny said...

That's eleven people who are better for knowing you (plus one on the speakerphone). I know, I counted them, though one was hiding and I nearly missed her.
Not a lot of people would want to take a picture with their coworkers and not burn it immediately after developing it!

Mark Leslie said...

Lime - it certainly was a fun bunch of folks.

Marcel - thanks for starting Da Count. It's an honour to be counted among the Da Counters now. (Took me long enough to join in, didn't it?)

Franny - speaking of co-worker pictures, I did show you that giant mural picture of the two of us when we worked for Chapters that I have hanging in the basement, didn't I?

Anonymous said...

Hihi! It really does seem like we're missing sometihng really fun on that pic! Happy Da Count day!

Anonymous said...

That's one of the most precious things to have... co-workers you can laugh with. A long and sometimes stressful working day without it, can be such a tedium.

Anonymous said...

what a great count. I can't handle my coworkers...or perhaps its the other way round.

You look happy :-)

Great count Mr. Man.

Anonymous said...

alrighty then.....I'm some kinda laughing doof there.....right.....riiiiight.......