Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Worst Laid Plans

Fran and Alex and I haven't seen my Mom (she lives about a 6 hour drive away from us) in several months, what with all the stuff that's going on in Hamilton with Fran's Mom being so ill. Since my Baba (my Mom's Mom) had a small stroke before Christmas they didn't end up coming to Hamilton then.

My Mom's birthday was yesterday. Fran and I had been planning on a quick weekend trip to visit this coming weekend to celebrate her birthday with her. But the project I'm working on at work has taken some turns and shifts in the last couple of weeks, and I won't be able to take this Friday off. We were planning on giving her her birthday cards and gift in person, but due to the imminent cancellation of our trip, we mailed them off (too late to arrive on her birthday of course)

So we submitted a "Happy Birthday" ad to the Sudbury Star (with the picture above which was taken in the fall at her house) in the hopes of running it for her birthday. Issues related to layout (and weather conditions that prevented staff from getting to the "inbox" on time) prevented the ad from making the deadline to get into yesterday's paper. No worries, there was the flower delivery we had planned to arrive the morning of her birthday, which would still be a nice surprise.

Fate had other plans, of course. A nasty four car accident near High Falls completely blocked Highway 144 from about noon until 8 PM at night yesterday. Highway 144 is the only way to get to Levack from Sudbury. Thus the florist couldn't deliver the flowers.

Yet despite the 3 failed plans to surprise her that never came to pass, my Mom was in good spirits when I was talking with her on the phone last night.

Aren't mothers wonderfully beautiful people? Although I say "I love you" every time I talk to her, I simply don't tell my Mom enough how much I adore her.


lime said...

awww dangint. well, i am glad mom took it well and wish her a very happy belated birthday!

sounds liek she's a very special lady. and i know she has a very special son, daughter in law and grandson!

Kimberly said...

that's the beautiful thing about matter how late, how how disastrous or wrong a gift may be, they always smile and say it's wonderful. I remember some of the mutant looking projects I gave my mom over the years, and found many in their house over the holidays. When asked, "mom, why on earth did you keep this monstrosity of clay?" she smiled and replied, "because you gave it to me."

Moms are wonderful creatures. Even though it was late, delayed, or cancelled, your mom appreciates you for your thought and love!

Happy Belated Birthday Mrs. Lefebvre!

Anonymous said...

I love my mama too. I should tell her more.