Monday, January 22, 2007

The Zander Burger

Harvey's has this series of radio and television ads in which they're touting the fact that you can customize your burger YOUR WAY with whatever toppings you want. Since Alexander has recently tried out burgers. He's been a huge fan of their chicken fingers, but for the past week or so he's been wanting to take a bite of my burger.

Now, since I often load the burger up with hot sauce and hot peppers, we thought it was time to order him his own burger. We did so when we went to Harvey's for lunch this past Saturday. We ordered it with a bit of ketchup, a bit of mustard and a pickle. We call it THE ZANDER BURGER (he's been saying his own name lately as either "Alex" or "Zander" -- too cute to resist calling him the latter)

Since the Harvey's kid burger isn't any smaller than their regular burger, I usually get to eat about half of it, which doesn't bother me at all. And though I'm a huge topping and sauce fan, the simple recipe for The Zander Burger isn't all that bad.

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Anonymous said...

Harvey's is definitely the best fast food burger out there...although I'm also partial to a Mama burger from A&W. But they don't let you choose your toppings.

I"ll have to remember to try a Zander Burger next time I'm at a Harvey's. They sound tasty!