Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Chicken In Every Pot

I had to laugh this morning when I caught sight of a campaign poster in the hallway for one of the guys running for president of the MSU (McMaster Student Union). On it he makes several silly promises, the funniest of which is . . .

Lower textbook prices

I'd love to chat with him to determine exactly how he's going to use his almighty power to sway multi-national companies to reduce their steep prices. He might as well campaign to reduce service charges at the national banks. (Let me pause to be clear on this: bookstores do NOT set textbook prices very expensive. They are expensively set by the textbook publishers. Honestly, textbooks are not expensive because the University or College bookstore is ripping you off -- trust me, the bookstore barely makes a nickel off of each textbook sold. The margins are low and the costs of shipping and handling are expensive. It's why the University bookstore I work at enjoys selling used textbooks to students. The prices are 25% lower, you don't need to GST on them, saving another several points, they cost less for the bookstore to buy, and it usually means putting $$$ into the hands of those who need it the most -- students.)

I'm curious as to what other outrageous claims this yahoo might make such as:

- If you elect me I'm going to abolish gravity
- A vote for me is a vote for Saturdays without rain
- Elect me, and I'll ensure every week has TWO Fridays


Ameratis said...

Ooo I am first comment...so also first voter for the two fridays guy! He has my vote! Whoo hoo ;)

lime said...

'all i can say ees...eef you bote for me....all choor wildest dreams weel come true'

vote for pedro!

(napoleon dynamite if you are unfamiliar)

lime said...

also, i've been marinating in yesterday's post....i relaized i have one more food related weirdness that i never posted about...hhmm, do i share it here? or do i wait until weird wednesday???

Kimberly said...

I am always amused by the campaign promises of a person that holds office for one year. They might as well promise to end famine and wars and single handedly bring about world peace. That's how likely lower textbook prices and greater availablity of university services are going to happen.

This year's president will disappear into the illusion like all those that came before and all those that will come after.

It's inevitable.

Cosima said...

A while ago I sold used textbooks on Ebay, and was surprised how much money people were willing to pay for them. But then I found the original invoice from when I bought them... it was a small fortune. Yeah, buying them used definitely makes sense.

SIMPLY ME said...

hmmmmm, I could get alot more snuggling in if there were 2 fridays a week. I like that idea alot!

Kimberly said...

I saw one of the other candidates signs...he stands up for, wait for it...EVIL...ok four words beginning with an E, V, I , L...but it spells evil...if I could, he'd get my vote!