Monday, May 07, 2007

And Eat It Too

I had a wonderfully enjoyable birthday weekend. On Saturday I had a relaxing dinner with Francine, we did some exploring and relaxing in Cambridge, saw Spider-Man 3, and stayed in a cozy hotel room (while Alexander had a sleep-over at his cousin's place). On Sunday, after spending a fun time at my cousin's place in the morning, Alexander and I did some yard work and chores.

But the best part of my birthday came at dinner time, when Alexander and Francine sang Happy Birthday to me (He's getting quite good at singing, and I particularly enjoy the way he rocks side to side while singing) and watching Alexander polish off two slices of my birthday cake.

Does life get any better than this?


lime said...

awww, happy belated birthday mark. i really don't think it could possibly get better. special time with francine, spider-man and alexander....that rocks.

Anonymous said...


happy belated birthday Mark!