Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Spam Bastards

Overnight my inbox was inundated with a slew of emails that were rejected due to the fact that the address I supposedly emailed no longer existed -- some of them were delivery status notification emails, some of them notifications from spam filters, some of them user unknowns.

This is worse than simple spam because some spam bastards have used fake email addresses attached to my domain (markleslie.ca) to create a barrage of attacks. When I set up my domain I didn't set up any of these garbage accounts, but they've been attributed to me and are coming back into my inbox as if I sent them.

What frightens me is that there's now crap out there in other people's inbox that looks like it came from me or my domain. If I got THAT many bounce backs, I wonder how many thousands of emails were sent from my domain, and I'm not sure the effect it's going to have on my real email address. Sigh.

So instead of writing something fun and creative this morning, I'm off to see what I can do to put a stop this nonsense. Like most petty ass cheap chicken-shit crimes, I'm sure there's not much I can do and the bastards will get away with it.

Yet again, underhanded sneaky bastards have stolen -- this time they've stolen my writing time. More theft, more underhanded bullshit. Ah, but isn't the internet great because it gives low-lives yet another way to take away from the average person?


Virginia said...

Yuck. Sorry to hear it, Mark.
I get spam from myself all the time. Email hijacking is quite common. However, you may want to check with your web host about all the bounce-backs and see how they can help. You also don't want tons of traffic billed through your domain.

Have a better day!

Anonymous said...

(picture the Monty Python boys dressed as Vikings)

spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam WONDERFUL SPAM...GLORIOUS SPAM....

see, not all spam is bad.

Hope that brought at least a small smile to your face. And I firmly believe that everyone gets their comeuppance one day...lets hope the vikings strap the spammers giving their ludicrious song a bad name to the gunwales of their boats!

lime said...


Cosima said...

Please tell me if you find a solution. I have the same problem, and it drives me insaaaaaane!