Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Surprise! See it!

Last night when I was drying Alexander off after his bath, he looked into our bedroom and saw a Sears bag sitting on the floor of our bedroom. His eyes lit up and he thrust his index finger into the air (the way he does when he has an intriguing new thought or idea) and he said: "Surprise!"


"Surprise! Daddy!"

Oh, oh, I thought. Francine must have bought something for me for my upcoming birthday and told him it was a surprise for Daddy. Seeing the Sears bag must have triggered the memory and he was excited to share the surprise with me (several days early, of course).

"Okay, let's brush our teeth," I said, trying to distract him.

But, like his father, he's bull-headed and insistent. He kept on with his train of thought. "Spider-Man towels! Surprise! See it!"

I tried to explain to him that Mommy didn't want me to know about the surprise until my birthday, but just the same I'm quite excited. I asked for Spider-Man sheets for our bed, but I'm pretty sure they don't think they make them in queen size. What's the matter with bed sheet manufacturers? Don't they know about all the adults out there like me who refuse to grow up?

So I'm pretty sure I won't be getting Spider-Man sheets for our bed. But Spider-Man towels? Well that's fun not only for the beach, but for daily use! Woo-hoo!


lime said...

LOL, spiderman sheets would be a scream. of course if mr lime asked for them i might not think so. but on YOUR bed. i think thats'a hoot!

Anonymous said...

Oh I want Spiderman sheets ... but can we make him in Peter Parker form, and preferably nekkid?

Towels? Those are Great!! Hope you enjoy them when you finally get to see them.

Bsoholic said...

Haha! Spiderman sheets would be pretty rad! I'd prefer Transformers sheets though.

Anonymous said...

enjoy the towels...

for me though, it would have to be Batman...all the way!