Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Replication Theory

I've been enjoying watching the new reality show "On The Lot" which has a group of aspiring directors competing for a chance to win the opportunity to work with Steven Spielberg. I'd temporarily amused myself with the concept of applying and sending in a really goofy short film I shot back in the late 80's that I called "Tough Guys Big Adventure" (a spoof of Conan The Barbarian type adventures) which was followed by 4 sequels over the following 4 years).

Aw who knows, I might end up posting it on YouTube just for the fun of it.

But in any case, I've been enjoying watching the short films being produced for the show by some phenomenal young directors, and particularly enjoyed one by Sam Friedlander called "Replication Theory" - it's about farting, so those of you who don't like low-brow humour, don't bother watching.


lime said...

LOL, i actually do have a snadal that does that if my feet get sweaty. hahahah.

lime said...