Monday, May 28, 2007

Monster Librarian

I was delighted to learn that my book One Hand Screaming was reviewed on the Monster Librarian website. The site exists for five main reasons (click here to read them), one of which is to help librarians and teachers help reluctant readers discover the joy of reading. I particularly like that they also exist to encourage fans to expand their interests beyond movies and television by introducing them to excellent fiction.

One Hand Screaming was reviewed in the "Something Different" area -- titles that don't quite fit into any of their other categories. I was pleased to see that reviewer Bret Jordan enjoyed the tales and that the book is listed with the "Recommended for public libraries" disclaimer.

Here are a couple of excerpts from the review that make nice blurb bites. Because, after all, an author can never look for enough nice blurb bites.

"This book is sure to capture the imagination of almost any reader."
- Bret Jordan,

"The stories themselves are a unique blend of horrifying tales, with a twist of humor that provides an interesting contrast between screams and laughter."

- Bret Jordan,

"Leslie's stories are . . . thought provoking in a way that in uncommon in many horror publications."
- Bret Jordan,


lime said...

wonderful...must feel good when such nice reviews come in..

Ameratis said...

YAY! Glad to see you are getting good reviews :)

Rainypete said...

Woohoo for you! Good writing and now you're being drawn in to help with literacy. Though it isn't the first time now is it?