Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Author Appearances In Hamilton & Pittsburgh

I’ll be doing two different reading/signing events about one week apart in two different cities and for two different types of my writing.

Wed, March 8th - Poetry / Hamilton

The launch of Hammered Out #8 (a Hamilton-published poetry journal) which will include one of my poems, “Electric Fire” will take place Wed March 8th from 7 PM to 9 PM at the Hamilton Central Library Branch (in the Hamilton room) and will feature readings by:

Heather Hillen (for David Hillen), Jeff Seffinga (for Margaret Saunders), John Terpstra (centred out), Lin Geary (centred out), Eileen Egerton Lampard, Linda Frank, Kathy Olenski
April Severin, Mark Leslie, Kevin Somers, Robert Morpheal, OmahaRisinG

Admission to the event is free and copies of the journal will be available for purchase.

I love the Hamilton literary community, and am honoured to be included in an issue that will also serve as a memorial for two recently departed and well respected members of the Hamilton literary community (David Hillen & Margaret Saunders)

This will be my first non-horror genre piece to be unveiled in my home town. The poem itself is somewhat literary (meaning no dripping blood, grinning skulls or homicidal maniacs are in it. It’s actually about love making -- well, actually, not love making so much as sex). The poem begins thusly: (see I’m already speaking like a literary dude):

electric fire burns

is that how it felt for you
she says, more a statement
than a question and
reaches over the side of the bed
her hand clawing along the floor
for the package
of cigarettes


Thursday March 16th- Horror Collection / Pittsburgh

I’ve confirmed a March 16th signing for my book One Hand Screaming at the downtown location of Barnes & Noble in Pittsburgh from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM.

I’m not only delighted that setting this up with the Barnes & Noble staff was such a pleasant experience, but also with the fact that this will be my first book event in the U. S..

And while I will not be doing a signing at the Squirrel Hill Barnes & Noble in Pittsburgh, they will have stock of my book on hand and said that if I swung by the store to sign copies of the book, they’d put them onto a display. The book retails for $12.95 US, which is an absolute steal. (or steel - that’s Hamilton / Pittsburgh steel town humour)

I’ve started to send press releases out hoping that at the very least an “event listing” can be added to one or more of the local Pittsburgh papers.

I think I’ll bring my skull tie for the occasion, but I’m going to leave Yorick at home - he’s afraid of flying. His hollow skull doesn’t do well with the change in air pressure at higher altitudes.


lime said...

LOL@ at the picture of you and yorick! exciting stuff. hope all goes well for you!

Kimberly said...

oh come on, I'd love to see how Yorrick fares through customs!

good luck!