Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Tonight, Tonight, Tonight

I borrowed the title to this post from a track on the “Invisible Touch” album by Genesis -- of course, my buddies and I called that album “Invisible Crotch” -- do you remember the song? “She seems to have an invisible crotch. You reach for it, it never seems to be there. She seems to have an invisible crotch. You should give up, ‘cause you’re getting no where.” No we never sang anything beyond the first line, I just made the rest of that up for fun.

Of course, I do that with a lot of songs -- sometimes it cracks Francine up, sometimes she rolls her eyes with a look that tells me she’s wondering: ‘Now why DID I marry this guy?’

You see, I’m in a poetry state of mind lately. I’ve spent a bit of time hemming and hawing over which poems I’m going to read tonight at the launch for Hammered Out #8.

Sure, I’ll read “Electric Fire” which appears in the journal, but I’ve been going through other poems and trying to figure out what else to read. I’ve got a pile of other short more literary style pieces, including “The Sound of One Man Screaming” but am thinking of tossing in a dark humour/horror one or two. Partly to show the breadth of my work.

But also because I can’t resist the urge to want to make an audience laugh (and not because my fly is open and my wee willy winkie is checking out at the room)


lime said...

love the poem! i imagine he is screaming because he got the blue screen of death before he could 'save'

Pete Mitchell said...

You should use the audio blogger feature to recite some of your works online. Seriously, give others in the world a chance to hear what those of us who know you already know: just how talented a writer AND public speaker you are. Seriously.

Here's the link:

Do it!

Franny said...

You did a great job at the reading! Congrats!

Mark Leslie said...

Thanks Franny - having you and Kim there to show your support was absolutely awesome - and I enjoyed kicking back afterwards and chatting with you guys - got to do that more often.

Pete - I promise I'll give it a try, even though I think I have a goofy sounding voice

Lime - glad you liked the poem, and you nailed it on the head with what's making him scream. LOL

DaMasta said...

When I read your title, I IMEDIATELY started singing, "Tonight, tonight, toniiiight.. ooOooh OOoohh.. "

Kimberly said...

Franny's right, you are a great're actually my hero!