Thursday, March 23, 2006

HNT - Anatomy of a Shave

After having done a poetry reading and then an author appearance I thought it was time to get rid of the van dyke I'd been sporting. Yes, for you Star Trek fans, prepare to say goodbye to the "evil" Mark Leslie.

But shaving off a beard has never been just a simple task for me. I like to have fun, experiment, goof around, take all afternoon. I usually come out of the washroom sporting some "fun new look" to which Francine responds with a laugh then a quick reminder to get back in the washroom and finish the job properly.

Here's a look at the goofing around I did last Sunday when I shaved.

Starting off - a little artsy light flash
The cowboy look
Regular moustache - boring

Goofy little French moustache

Chaplin look -- too much like Hitler
Ah, back to normal

What is this crazy half-nekkid man doing?
Click below to go see Osbasso and find out more.


lime said...

LOL, you are too cute. I love the playful attitude. Thanks for sharing the baring of the lip in all it's fun stages! happy HNT!

Lee Ann said...

Those are great pictures! The book signing sounds like it was great!

Happy HNT!

Phain said...

the cowboy look was my fav... ~HHNT~

Robyn said...

lol that was funny. Happy HNT!

Kathy said...

Great pics, now we can see your lovely face! :-) Happy HNT!

Leesa said...

Cute :) I like! HHNT!

paitl1 said...

all you need is a cowboy hat in that cowboy look one. you'de be ready for the rodeo.
Happy HNT

S said...

Hilarious Mark! I have a series of pics of Ratburn shaving off his beard and mustache....the funniest one was the Hitler 'stache...because Mr Ratburn is jewish..I never expected that from him, and I about died laughing at that!

Happy HNT

Anonymous said...

You have such a nice face! Happy HNT!

Christa said...

With a smile like that you don't need a beard anyways :D
Happy HNT!!

The Persian said...

That was creative, goatees are cool what made you shave it?

Happy HNT!

Sheri said...

Very fun! I thought your facial hair looked good from the start too.

Happy HNT

Michelle said...

awwww I LIKED the goatee :) They are sexeeeeeee :) hehe but clean shaven is gooooo, too! hehe

HHNT!! ;)

Zephyr said...

haha I laughed out loud at the little french mustache! Almost spit my coffee! You must be a riot to have around the house... I can just picture Francine rolling her eyes and pointing the way back into the bathroom! (I'm just relieved that you didn't do the "waxed curled mustache tips" look.... that one freaks me out!)

Now you can start to grow it back and do a similar thing with the beard! hehe

Happy HNT!

Ameratis said...

Too funny! I bet there is never a boring moment in your home :) You are always so creative. Happy HNT!

The Imp

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

When Mr. Logo talks about growing a Fu Manchu I can feel my face growing that wife look (you know the one) completely independent of volition. Glad you decided to clear the field, you actually look good with your Van Dyke and the goatee, the cowboy/porno 'stache was a little frightening, the French one made me spit tea on my keyboard.
Fun stuff, Mr Leslie!
Happy HNT

The Village Idiot said...

personally...I prefer the French Guard silly mustache Mr Leslie. Also, you neglected to tell me which python characters you are.

Blondage said...

The French one reminded me of Monty Python too!

"Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries."


Great HNT!

BTExpress said...

LOL! Your a pisser. Happy HNT!

Suze said...

You look sooo much better without it.

Happy HNT ;)

DEREK said...

too cute, I like them all, except the Hitler one. LOL

Wenchy said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh I so enjoyed this!!!

Blondie... said...

That was such a FUN hnt Mark!! lol
How exciting about a book signing too.

Happy HNT and thanks for sharing that...I laughed pretty good at the faces.

PS, thanks for the wonderful comment about my son. ((hugs))

Bsoholic said...

LOL, fun shaving adventure!

happy HNT

Melissa said...

I love your facial expressions.. comic!!
That was great ~ I did a shaving thing this week too but umm, thankfully with less hair! lol

happy HNT!

The Lily said...


Is it wrong that the cowboy version made me think of Hulk Hogan?


Joel said...

You are too funny. I liked the cowboy look persoanlly. BTW Congrats on the book signing. I want to write my memoirs but had gotten sidetracked with the whole blogger thang.


HS said... had the foo-man-choo thing going on with the cowboy look...and congrats on the book signing!

Anonymous said...

Uhm the Canadian in the room calls your bluff, back to normal eh? Who are you fooling! You are out of coffee and donuts too! Made you think... LOL And not Hockey Night in Canada this weekend either.

Anonymous said...

We want Darth Tater! We want Darth Tater! We want Darth Tater! We want Darth Tater! We want Darth Tater! We want Darth Tater! We want Darth Tater! We want Darth Tater! We want Darth Tater!

Anonymous said...

LmAO at Darth Tater comment :P

Tish said...

Haha, great photos! You should check out Chunk's latest HNT. He did something very similar!

DaMasta said...

Awesome series, Mark! I like it.... I like it, alot.


Personally, I like you with the hair there. Mmm..

Happy waaaaay belated, HNT!

Rose DesRochers said...

Personally, I think the beard looks better.