Friday, March 03, 2006

Mmm, Beer

I read in the Hamilton Spectator this morning that local Hamilton brewery Lakeport has posted yet another series of increasing profits. Good for them. It’s always great to see a local company do well and overcome tremendous odds.

I must admit that I’ve always been a Molson guy, and Molson Export has long been my beer of choice. Rickard’s Red and Moosehead are also two of my regular brands. But among my top choices are two of the beers Lakeport produces: Lakeport Honey and Brava. My beer fridge currently has Heineken (one of Fran’s favourites) and Lakeport Honey. In the summertime, I usually switch over to Brava (a Mexican-style beer). And the on-tap choices at home (I have a beer fridge and tap that will take a 20 or 30 L keg) usually rotate between Canadian, Keiths, Moosehead and Rickard’s Red. Not all brews are available in the 20 or 30 L kegs.

Speaking of beer, I have to admit that one of the things I’m looking forward to during my forthcoming week in Pittsburgh is finding and trying some local brews. Sure, I can have a Bud or Coors or Miller, but I can enjoy those right now without leaving home, so why not experience something fun and local? Most cities or regions have microbreweries, and I’ve always enjoyed the “house” beer at different pubs or restaurants that are often produced by them or for them.

One of my favourites that I’ve enjoyed several times is the Olde Angel Inn Lager at The Olde Angel Inn in Niagara on the Lake, but I also recall enjoying the local brew at a pub in Collingwood as well as the wonderful sampler I had at a steakhouse with its own brewery in MidTown New York. (I can’t recall the names of either, unless I go back and check my credit card statement several years back, but I do remember enjoying the experience and the fine brews)

Okay, it’s barely 7:00 AM as I’m typing this, and already I’ve started to drool like Homer Simpson.


lime said...

tip for the day: during your visit to pittsburgh you should avoid at all costs the swill known as 'Iron city.' it is known to taste like the water the steel is cooled in.

Sheri said...

ah beer.... the droolmaker of the Gods.

May I recommend Shipyard Ale? Very good stuff and I'm partial to it because it was started in my hometown. Read about it here: http://www.shipyard.com/sub/aindex.shtm

Now, I'm drooling too.

bsoholic said...

Mmmmm beeerrrr......

Pete Mitchell said...

I second that:

Mmmmmmmm beeeerrrrr.

Sheri said...

Hey - had to come back and thank you for the nightmares I got from reading The Erratic Cycle! chilling.

Michael Kelly said...

Ah, The Olde Angel Inn! That's great old pub.

Franny said...

Ok, yes, I am a little behind here, but in regards to the facial hair, it really does look nice but I *think* most women prefer no facial hair at all. My husband grew a goatee last month...took him all of a day...but I digress.

Ok, beer. I have always had a soft spot for Labatts Blue. But on an achingly hot, muggy Hamilton summer day, I'd sell my soul for a Timmys Iced Cap. OMG, they should make BEER SLUSHIES! Who wouldn't buy one!???!!!