Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Why Do That To Yourself?

We're getting a lot of phone calls lately because we've listed our old microwave in the Hamilton Spectator classifieds. (We recently opted to replace our counter-hogging microwave for a space-saving one that goes above our stove).

Having strangers call to ask about the product and make ridiculous low-ball offers reminds me of the last time we had something listed in the paper, and makes me question why we do that (other than to get something off of our hands). I think last time it was a set of bookshelves. The thing that killed me about it was after we'd already sold the shelves, whenever someone called we'd tell them, sorry, we just sold them.

The typical response was: "Oh. What colour were they?"

Like, it really matters. They're gone. Sold. No longer available. What does it matter what freakin' colour they were?


Tish said...

hehehe. I guess they want to torture themselves by thinking of what could have been!

Good luck getting the microwave off your hands!

Zephyr said...

Hey... what color is the microwave?

lime said...

you sold some shelves? were they open or barrister style? how big were they? i need some shelves. hehehehe.

personally, i love the wrong number calls i get and then they act like i have done something wrong by not being who they intended to call. beg pardon???

Sheri said...

Oh crap - and I wanted some shelves too. Were they tall or short ones?

We sold a camper a few weeks ago from a printed ad and we are still getting calls about it and they ask questions about it too AND act P.O'd that we sold it without waiting for them to look at it. jeez louise.

Mark Leslie said...

You guys are hilarious! LOL.

Oh, BTW, Alexander and I sold the microwave earlier this evening! Woo hoo!

Rainypete said...

How big was that microwave? Could you fit a whole side of beef in it? Oh and wanna buy a gas weedeater?