Wednesday, March 15, 2006

You'll Like Yuengling

Since I missed posting on the 14th, and tomorrow is Half-Nekkid Thursday, I thought I'd continue on with my beer discovery tour of Pittsburgh. When my bloggy pal Lime gives me advice, I do try to follow it, particularly when she says that Mr. Lime likes a particular brand of beer.

So, tonight's brew was Yuengling. America's oldest brewery and arguably one of PA's finest offerings. I went out with the same fine group of gentlemen as last night. We ate at a Thai place (Lemon Grass Cafe) -- and one of the great things about Pittsburgh is that restaurants that aren't liscenced to sell alcohol allow customers to bring in their own. So we picked up a few six packs from the bar next door. (Another cool thing you can't do in Ontario).

Niko went with Guinness (his favourite), Iulian got a "mixed pack" and Anthony and I bought the 1 Pint cans of Yuengling lager. It was quite good. In fact, I'm drinking a can of it right now. Thanks, Lime!

And, difficult as it was to not go out with a sub-set of the guys who wanted to go to another bar after we ate, I decided to call it an early night, especially since I have a book signing at Barnes & Noble tomorrow during the lunch time rush. Figured I should get close to a full night's sleep if possible, and save my rowdy behaviour for tomorrow night.

Oh, and for the record, Samson didn't fail in his directive to get a photo of his meal. His girlfriend would be proud. He kind of went overboard after that, though, snapping pictures every 2 minutes on the walk back. A couple of the guys in our party thought it was lightning.


lime said...

ah wonderful! glad you enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

*lol* lightning, really funny...this is Samson's girlfriend haha

Virginia said...

Oh. Oh! I have a beer for you to try. Natureland, Canada's first organic beer. Made right here in Prince George. Comes in pale and amber. It won international awards recently. Here's a link.