Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Rolling On

So yesterday, we started getting into some fun scripting challenges. Maybe for smart people they weren't all that challenging, but I found it ranked right up there. About ten of us ended up working well after the class was supposed to end, trying to debug our code and figure out where we went wrong. Eight of us agreed that it would be a good night to get some beer.


Now we're talking MY programming language.

Samson, Li, Iulian and I met with three of the IBM guys and our instructor Anthony and had dinner at the Red Star Tavern. It was $2.00 Tuesday. Miller Light on tap was $2.00 and they also had $1.00 burgers. Right on. It was the best $1.00 burger I've ever had (though I added cheese, lettuce and tomato to mine - which made it a $3.00 burger in total).

After finishing our meal, and a half dozen rounds, a few of the guys went home and the rest of us went to the connected Big Louie's bar, where I drank good old Rolling Rock draft. Yum. Too bad my neighbour Chad wasn't there - it's his favourite beer.

We had tons of laughs and I image some of us might be hurting a bit in class this morning. Too stubborn to pay for a cab, and not bothered by the cold, I ended up walking back with one of the IBM guys. It was, after all, only a twenty minute walk across the river from Station Square to our hotel.

I think that the only disappointing thing about last night was it was the first time I didn't see Samson taking a picture of his food. (His girlfriend has this fetish where she likes to see all the food that he eats when he's travelling -- so, just before chowing down each night, he'd pause, pull out his camera and take a picture of his plate)


Anonymous said...

I'm Samson's girlfriend. I didn't ask him to take photos of the food, but each photo is one more glimpse of what I haven't seen.

lime said...

lol @ samson and his girlfriend. hey , i warned you agaisnt one beer which youtried anyway.....whiel youare here in Pa youshoudl see if you can find yourself a yuengling (yeungling?) i forget how to spell the damn thing. anyway, i think it is our oldest brewery in the state. mr. lime is fond of it.

Kimberly said...

even if Samson and his girlfriend don't have that exact arrangement, that's such a neat tidbit of info to tuck away into that writer's brain of yours until it's needed!

Anonymous said...

which tidbit?

Mark Leslie said...

I think the tidbit Kim is referring to is the characters and relationship - the concept of one person taking pictures of all their meals. Writers store that kind of thing in the backs of their minds -- it could be years later that we pepper that into a particular character or characters that we create.

Lime, I'm following your advice tonight and trying that Yuengling Brewery! :)

And CK, I'll make sure Samson brings his camera to supper tonight!