Saturday, January 06, 2007

Operation Fix Moosie

Alexander really enjoys playing with the "greeter" we have that he calls Moosie. (Anything resembling a moose, of course, gets called Moosie, including my Moosehead lager). However, when he was playing rough with Moosie recently, he ended up breaking his lower leg and foot. I know the feeling as he often plays rough with me -- in my case it's usually a foot or elbow in my face followed by a cute little: "Sooorrryyyy!"

This called for a serious operation.

I was delighted that we were able to use some of the tools from the toy toolbox he got from Santa for Christmas to help fix Moosie (the clamp in the toy tool box actually worked quite nicely) -- putting his toolbox to practical use was very exciting for both of us.

It took about 25 minutes for the first break to dry and settle, then another half an hour for the foot to be glued back on, and as of this morning, Moosie is comfortable and has resumed his position as greeter in our front hallway.


Anonymous said...

you and alexander have bright futures as surgeons!

Kimberly said...

awww, I'm glad to hear that the surgery was a success. Hopefully the patient will recover fully!

Anonymous said...

Aww, yes a certain bunny underwent recent surgery at my house for Logan.

Child and *clingy favorite stuffed animal* are both doing well, and as a fellow surgeon, I must commend your clever use of emergency man tools on hand. LOL

Rainypete said...

The plastic tools are a nice touch. Do you fix most of the stuff in your house with them?