Monday, May 02, 2005

Patricia Warned Me!

When telling Patricia at work that Francine and I had purchased a Bissell ProHeat steam cleaner from Sears, she warned me that the whole thing could be a little addictive. She said once you see the dirt and grime that it lifts up, you'll be tempted to steam clean as often as you used to vacuum. Wow, she wasn't kidding. Last week Francine steam-cleaned our bedroom and today she was planning on doing Alexander's room and the stairs. But this afternoon I caught her doing our room again, and of course, remarking on how much dirt the carpet was holding after only one week. I wonder about the risk of combining my wife's obsessive personality with an industrial strength cleaning product. I wonder if she'll try again sooner than a week, just to see how much dirt is there . . . ?

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