Friday, May 13, 2005


For the past several years, Francine and I have been holding a "Hot-Luck" every Friday the 13th. It was decided after some fun conversations with our neighbour, Chad about enjoying spicy foods and different hot sauces and seeing a program on the Food Network that showed a group of friends that regularly got together and shared their favourite hot and spicy dishes in a pot-luck setting. Since Port Dover has it's own Friday the 13th ritual of motorcyclists meeting there, we thought we'd start our own fun tradition.

The year of the infamous North American blackout that took out the power for most of Eastern Canada and the United States, we had planned a "Hat Luck" for Friday August 15th - a Hot-Luck party where we asked people to wear their favourite silly or outrageous hat. Of course, after the blackout hit (it hit on Thursday the 14th), most people didn't show up and there were only about 6 people attending that time - our smallest turn-out. (Perhaps it was due to the blackout, but maybe it was due to the fact that it wasn't held on a proper Friday the 13th)

The only time we haven't held the gathering in the past few years was Friday February 13th, 2004. Francine was in her first trimester carrying Alexander and could barely look at food - we decided it would be best not to hold a "food-related" event that time around.

We've already planned and bought goodies and beverages for tonight's event, only, yesterday Francine came down with a nasty cold and fever. She's going to call later this morning and let me know if she's up to it - if not, I'm going to have to contact everyone and let them know the gathering tonight is off. It's not fair to Fran to host such an event is she's feeling like hell warmed over - also not fair to expose our guests to whatever big she's picked up.

Yikes - I'm starting to get a little paraskevidekatriaphobic!

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