Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Stand Well Back Of The Yellow Platform Line

One of the things I enjoyed the most about the Burlington GO Station (when I used to catch the train there regularly), is the small pond area near the bus turn-about off the north parking lot, which was home to several Canada Geese. It was relaxing and fun to watch them as I walked from my car to the train platform. There was a period of time where, every morning this one goose would stand on the sidewalk, its head bopping back and forth watching the people on their morning journey, almost like an unofficial greeter.

I'm taking the Burlington train for the remainder of May, having recently traded a 10-ride pass for a monthly pass with a friend from work whose contract was cut short this month. I didn't see any geese when I got to the station in the morning. However, getting off the train yesterday evening at Burlington, we came face to face with a nasty sight. A dead Canada Goose, that must have been clipped by a passing train was lying dead and partially mangled on the passenger platform. A truly sad thing.

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