Monday, May 23, 2005

Some Kind of Wonderful

Late Saturday afternoon, I popped over to Denninger's (one of Hamilton's best places to shop for outstanding food) to pick up some buns and lunch meat. Appearing at the store that day to promote a new spice was none other than musician John Ellison. He's the writer of the song "She's Some Kind of Wonderful". I bought the spice (it was called "Some Kind of Wonderful"), got his autograph and picked up a fun recipe from him using this spice for chicken. Francine and I used the spice on some ribs yesterday and they were quite quite good, they were some kind of wonderful, in fact. Talkin' 'bout my baby back rib's . . .

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El Blues de la Estufa Divina said...


We will have a wonderful show tonight, in Ruta 61 (the unique bar of blues in the Ciudad de México): Peaches Staten and her band in México (five musicians from Argentina).

The show will begin with Some kind of wonderful, and we are happy.

Thanks for yor great blog (I visited because I was looking for information about Mark Ellis).