Saturday, May 28, 2005

Slow Down, You Move To Fast . . .

. . . got to make the morning last.

This morning one of Francine's friends, Karen came over - it's been a while since they've gotten together, so that was nice to see. This meant that Alexander and I had some quality "boy" time together. I can't believe how much the little guy has grown. He's pulling himself to a standing position and cruising along furniture, the walls, etc, and has gotten better at falling down onto his bum - soon enough he'll be standing on his own and walking - I've actually caught him standing on his own when he gets excited and picks things up off the furniture, like pillows, stuffed animals, etc and he doesn't even realize that he's doing it. It's just amazing to watch him grow. He's down for his nap right now, but we had a fun walk over to the mall so that I could get a Tim Horton's coffee and he could check out the sights - he loves going for walks in the stroller - I can only imagine what it'll be like once he's adept on those little feet.

I'm also at a point where (once I get rid of this nasty cough - Fran thinks it's a sinus infection based on the intense pain in my nasal cavity and the blood coming from my nose when I blew it this morning) I want to start getting up an hour or so early before work in the morning and come downstairs and work on one of the following projects:

1) My half finished sci-fi novel: Define Pain
2) Complete the outline and proposal package for my book of plays for elementary school teachers
3) Start working on the ideas for a yet untitled thriller that have been plaguing me for several weeks now

I'm finding myself being too distracted trying to get my writing done on the GO train -- too many fun people to goof around with I guess. And since I write better in the wee hours of the morning I should start to make the a habit again.

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