Wednesday, May 18, 2005

McHappy Day

Today was McHappy Day at McDonald's - which means that $1 from the sale of Big Macs or Happy Meals goes towards local children's charities. Since I was working at home today (partially due to the potential CN strike that would have frozen the GO train system, which was averted just minutes before the deadline, and also because Fran needed to accompany her mom to some tests and I was staying at home to keep an eye on the little guy) Alexander and I went out to McDonald's for lunch. I had a Big Mac meal and Alexander had a Happy Meal. Okay, I had a Big Mac meal and 98% of a Happy Meal, and Alexander had about 1 1/2 french fries that I broke into little pieces and played with the Hamburglar that came with the Happy Meal. Man, what a good excuse to eat at McDonald's - I can't wait until Alexander is older and requests going there all the time. I'll be responding something like, "Well, alright, if you're good and your mom says it's okay" -- but inside I'll be doing the happy dance and saying: "Yaaaa, I waaaant MeeeeDoooonaaaaals!!!!!"

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