Sunday, May 22, 2005

Getting All (Fire)Worked Up!

What is it with long weekends and fireworks? You can't go anywhere now on the days leading up to a summer long weekend without being bombarded with a million signs advertising fireworks for sale on virtually every street corner. And what is it with neighbourhood jackasses that feel it's necessary to light fireworks every single evening of a long weekend.

Victoria Day is Monday for pete sakes! And most urban centres have spectacular fireworks shows (I recall seeing some phenomenal shows in Ottawa as well as here in Hamilton), so what's the big thrill of lighting these puny little dinky fireworks and making a tiny splash and big noise all through the neighbourhood?

I'm jazzed up about it, of course, because my son has come down with a nasty cold and it's tough getting him to sleep through the night - sure enough the past two nights have been filled with neighbourhood jackasses lighting off personally bought fireworks -- likely barely impressing the people they're lighting them for (go see a REAL fireworks show and get a life) but waking my son from a much needed rest and royally pissing me off.

I don't know -- perhaps my perspective will change when my son isn't sick and in desperate need of rest and is a few years older, running around the yard saying "Daddy, Daddy - let's light some fireworks" -- but right now, I'm just plain ticked off about the whole thing.

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