Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Take A Sniff, Pull It Out

Juicy Fruit has recently brought back the song they used for commercials in the early 80's - but they brought in back in a fun self-spoofing way. This nerdy guy comes out with a guitar and starts singing.

Get your ski's shined up, grab a stick of Juicy Fruit
The taste is gonna move you
Take a sniff, pull it out
The taste is gonna move you when you pop it in your mouth
Juicy Fruit is gonna move you
It chews so soft, it gets right to you
Juicy Fruit, the taste, the taste, the taste is gonna move you

But before he can finish, someone who just can't take the song usually grabs the guitar from his hands and starts smashing it. Nicely done.

I think it would be fun to learn the chords to this song and at the next party, pull out my guitar and start the song - you know, just to see how many people sing along and how many people try to grab the guitar and smash it.


Anonymous said...

I Love the juicy fruit song, even more than the gum itself! These new commercials upset me becuase it's such a catchy tune that you find yourself humming along to it, and the marketing folk are trying to tell you that the whole world hates it soo much that people are resorting to violence when they hear it! When they hear a song I like! Does the whole world hate me too?

I hate those f@#king juicy fruit marketing folk, i really do.

Mark Leslie said...

So I trust then, Shup that, if I pulled out my guitar and played this song you'd be one of the folks singing along and NOT attacking me?

Anonymous said...

Ok, you've no excuse now. Here's a link to the guitar tabs for the song. Get practicing!

Juicy Fruit Theme Chords

Mark Leslie said...

Thanks, dude - but I made no promises that I'll have it mastered by the Hot Luck on the 13th