Friday, May 06, 2005

Happy Birthday To Me!

Francine kept reminding me that today was my birthday, but we've been so busy with running errands and doing stuff around the house (I recently finished putting up and painting the trim in the basement that I started renovating Jan 2004, for example), particularly for the visit that my Mom and Baba will be making this weekend for our son's Baptism, that I kept forgetting. It's been a hectic month of "getting ready". I can't even remember how old I am - have to ask Francine. Sure, I could do the math and figure it out, but it's easier just to let her tell me. I do have more important things to keep in my mind, after all, like remembering to put down the toilet seat.

As a fun treat, I'm going to get my haircut today.

I loved the play that we saw last night - Joanna did yet another bang-up job of directing. The mish-mash of different fairy tale spoofs was done wonderfully, and the chorus, of course, did a wonderful job of translating my slightly humourous spoof lyrics to the stage. Alexander even enjoyed the show (although he was mostly fixated on a colourful drawing of a star on the wall behind us). I think it was also one of the first times that Uncle Mike didn't make him cry. He even let Mike hold him and had a blast playing with (and getting smudgy finger prints all over) his sunglasses. I'm thinking maybe it's because he saw Mike just a few days ago and remembers him.

Okay, Happy Birthday To Me -- off to hear a day filled with different renditions of " (smell/look) like a monkey and you (look/act) like one too."

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sir! Whatever your age may be, you certainly don't act it. In fact i'll always think of you as camp councellor from some 80's movie. Oh gees now i've got the Councellor In Training song stuck in my head from Meatballs.

"We are CITs so pity us.
The kids are brats the food is hideous.
We like to smoke and drink and fool around we're nooky bound.
We're North Star CITs!"

It's amazing the things you lock away in the corners of your mind.